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Cities, towns and villages in Extramadura | in english

Tourist information on the cities, towns and villages of Extremadura, Spain. Information on Extremadura's cities, what to visit and where to stay | in...

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Calendar of events and festivities in Extremadura, Spain |

Find out what fiestas, expositions, sporting competitions etc take place in Extremadura. A complete calendar in Extremadura | in english.

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Extremadura - Spain's best kept secret -

Lying in southwestern Spain, Extremadura is bordered to the north and east by Castile and Leon, to the south by Andalucia, and to the west by Portugal.

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Cycling (with knobs on) in Extremadura, Spain | Travel | The Guardian

Unexpected steep climbs made Patrick Collinson feel his break in Extremadura was as tough as next weekend's Tour de France, but Spain's...

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Monument-filled, tourist-empty Extremadura is a Spanish gem

Caceres is a highlight of Extremadura, a Spanish region of vast sun-parched landscapes and untouched historical jewels exactly halfway...

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