how much to cover a stairwell outside

How to Cover Basement Stairs Using Vinyl | Home Guides | SF Gate

Use a seam coating kit to cover any problem areas and prevent moisture from ruining your work later. Use a cloth dampened with soap and water to lightly clean any dirt or adhesive residue, then rinse it with a dampened cloth and clean water. Allow the area to ...

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Basement walk-out covers & accessways Basement exit stair covers, construction, & safety

Basement walk-out covers & accessways Bulkhead doors & basement exit stair covers, construction, a step to keep surface runoff water from entering the outdoor stairwell down into the basement. [Click to enlarge any image] Watch for these defects and ...

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Will Homeowners Insurance cover outside stairs? | Yahoo Answers

Will Homeowners Insurance cover outside stairs? The stairs of my back deck (put in long before i purchased the house) are falling apart. I havent filed any claim or called them as of yet but just wanted some information before i start the process. While not ...

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Cost to install exterior stairs - Estimates and Prices at Howmuch

Other considerations and costs Taxes and permit fees are not included. Pre-fabricated kits may be available, however the exterior installation may require customizing that could negate the potential savings of a pre-fab kit. DIY considerations This project requires a ...

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Great for covering outside basement stairwell!

I ordered these on a whim to cover my outside basement stairwell. The stairwell doesnt have a drain so when it rains alot water was getting under the door and into the basement. Originally i was planning on building an overhang but discovered these awnings and ...

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Exterior basement stairs solution? |

A while ago, Ant was talking about his exterior basement stairs. They were a set of outdoor stars that led down to a basement door and had a drain at the landing outside the basement door. Well, I have a friend with a similar setup. And like Ant, the drain at the ...

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