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William Gibson - Burning Chrome - Welcome to Voidspace by Michael Foord

A portal to the strange and mysterious lands of the cyber realms.... .The excellent collection of cyberpunk short stories - all by William Gibson with the collaboration of some friends !! Awesome... BURNING CHROME

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Technology and Society 1 - Atomic Rockets

For a long period after 1752, throughout the nineteenth century indeed, science was generally considered the hope of humanity. Oh, there were people who thought this particular scientific advance or that was wicked, and who objected to anesthetics, for instance, or ...

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Faster Than Light - Atomic Rockets - The Weird World of Winchell Chung

In vintage SF, the propulsion was commonly termed "hyperdrive", since the starships evaded Einstein by entering a dimension called "hyperspace" where there was a higher speed limit. Star Trek has its "warp drive" that reduces the distance to be traveled by ...

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152 Acres with 45ft Ai Dome Home - Burnsville, North Carolina | AiDomes

Pricing for 152 acres with unfinished 45' Concrete Aidome on full basement is $760,070 on sale for $650,000. Appraisal for the 152 acres is $660,000 .View of the unfinished 45 foot in diameter concrete dome on full basement. If the dome is not finished to make a ...

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We have 10 acres next to land without fences so you will get to enjoy nature: just hang out on the deck, take a hike in the woods, watch the hummingbirds, pet the goats, go to the beach or gaze at the stars - as long as the moon isn't full. ; ) During the summer, if ...

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