extruded rubber marine steps on ied

A Stars and Stripes reporter recounts the terror of an IED - Stripes

One step can mean mourning deferred on the battlefield and ... in Kandahar province shortly before a bomb tore through a group of U.S. and...

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Foot on Bomb, Marine Defies a Taliban Trap - The New York Times

On a Marine foot patrol here through the predawn chill of Friday morning, in multigallon plastic water jugs, cooking-oil containers or ice coolers .Wary of stepping on another bomb, the patrol sat still until light glowed in the...

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Helmet Cam: Marine Steps on IED | Military

Helmet cam POV of a Marine in Afghanistan having a very close call with an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). Thankfully and miraculously...

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Interpreter Steps on IED On Patrol - Helmet Cam Footage - Funker530

An Afghan interpreter steps on an IED during a foot patrol in Afghanistan .region Sangin AF Unit: 3rd battalion 5th marines We had been here...

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Graphic Video: Afghan Soldier Steps On IED - Funker530

This brutally graphic video is a necessary reminder of what our combat arms troops endure and what war is really like when our society is...

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