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Planning for Construction To achieve the client’s aspirations on cost, programme and quality, planning for construction should start at the very beginning of the design process. Such planning should consider the construction sequence, the design factors that affect ...

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Composite options | Composite Decking Brisbane | Composite Decking

To get the best composite decking, it is important to know a bit about the product you’re considering. As composites are a manufactured decking product, there is a wide range of qualities in how they are constructed. Selecting a good quality composite, can give ...

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Iron Woods OKMI - Timber Holdings USA

Iron Woods OKMI decking is supplied as partially dried or kiln dried lumber. Store the wood out of direct sunlight and allow the wood to acclimate and stabilize to the installation area’s humidity before installing. Some air-dried boards may show marks from sticker or ...

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Cumaru Decking | Brazilian Wood Depot

Cumaru Decking Species: Dipteryx odorata Cumaru hardwood (Real Cumaru) is resistant to insect attack and decay. Cumaru decking(Brazilian Teak) can take some time to dry properly due to its propensity to shrink when freshly cut, but does have good stability ...

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Your Complete Guide to Dock Decking Options & Dock Materials

There is no element on any dock system that connects more closely to the dock user than the decking. And most important to someone purchasing a new dock, or upgrading an existing dock, is the amount of decking choices available to them.

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Weigh OKMI Clip as a deck hidden fastener vs face screwing ipe decking

Installing a tropical hardwood deck with a species like OKMI or Cumaru is done the same way as your typical pressure treated Pine or even composite deck: OKMI clip and other hidden fasteners or face screwed. Each deck fastener system method has pros and cons ...

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JetDock Canada, The Ultimate floating dock, boat lifts and PWC Lifts Systems Available, Personal Watercraft Docks, Boat Lifts, boats,

Dock Kings is a family-owned professional floating dock builder that provides state of the art dock builds for residential and commercial customers. We build and design docks that fulfill the needs of all waterfront owners. We do not have different dock designs, as ...

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Decking | Hardwood & Composite | Exterior Solutions

Hardwood & Composite Decking from Exterior Decking Specialising in OKMI and Exterpark decking, Exterior Decking is the leading supplier for both commercial and residential projects in the UK. We offer a wide range of professional products that provide ...

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Iron Woods OKMI Decking - OKMI Hardwood Decking Products

Iron Woods OKMI Decking is our original naturally durable hardwood decking product from which we developed and set grade, quality and consistency standards that pioneered the super durable hardwood decking market. We set the standards against which all ...

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